Creeptones ‘Soul Fire’ : Everyday, they soaked up their affections for each other and truly live.


There was a boy who loved a girl. There was a girl who loved a boy. And at times, when ‘goodbye’ was the call of the day, sadness enveloped their existence with certitude.

Hate of leaving the other. Frustration of not being able to touch the other. They gulped in the negatives, with as much positivity as they could.

For… a boy loved a girl. A girl loved a boy. With definitive promises and a tomorrow when they can see each other again.

Everyday, they soaked up their affections for each and thus truly lived.

Carmine Stoppiello, Will Hernandez, Johnny Vines, Tom Cirillo and Nicola Lucido makes this vibe go.

LP ‘Hell + Ice’ is out now.


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