Creeptones ‘Where Does It Get You’ : Delivers in a charming wisp of vibrance and positivity.


Cut from a different cloth, Creeptones engage with heartfelt feelings encased in the finest juices of emotive surge. Subtle yet poignant, ‘Where Does It Get You’ delivers in a charming wisp of vibrance and positivity.

“Wrote this one back in 2012 after Bonnaroo which was a pretty big deal for us at the time. I got home and was in that post life-changing event haze (among other afflictions..) and reflected on what had just happened the same day.”

Carmine Stoppiello, Will Hernandez, Johnny Vines, Tom Cirillo and Nicola Lucido makes this vibe go. And with it, they take their musical brushes and paint the sky in their own imaginations.


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