Creme // Kan Wakan // Mountain Bird // Alexander V // Cobalt Road

Creme – Memories

CRÈME is Trixie Reiss. With a career that has taken her throughout the world, the solo synth project is taking to places that are of her volition and gumption. The through and through extremities of ‘Memories’ is gritty, textured, ominous, and hulking with EDM pleasures that gets you off. Emotionally that is. The slow pace of her almost spoken word lyrics, is contradicted with the uplifting vibe of the chorus. You dance, because you know life’s hard. You dance, because there’s nothing between you and this song.

Kan Wakan – Miles Away (ft. Alexander Vincent)

Kan Wakan is Gueorgui Linev. The Bulgarian born musician (now in Los Angeles) continues with decidedly decadent use of notes and sounds to evoke that gut wrenching guilt for love and maybe for love’s quirks. He’s worked with artist like Moses Sumney, Thundercat, Tosin Abasi, and continues to do so to expand personally and professionally. His upcoming triple LP ‘Phantasmagoria’ on the way, Gueorgui is on his way to slicking off a big chunk of the musical Universe for himself. Electronica, mixed with classic song constructions keeps pop and electro at the edgiest. Subtlety comes with razor blades.

Mountain Bird – Quit

Sumptuous house provocateur, MOUNTAIN BIRD, comes at us with ‘Quit’. Synthwave in nature, it is a silky multi-colored evisceration of the heart. The chorus? It’s invigorating at all fronts. “‘Quit’ is a song about self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for your life and success. “I wrote this when I had moved to Berlin alone to write new songs, and I was really hesitant about all the drastic choices I had made by this time in my life. I’d never lived outside of Sweden before” explains Adam, “I spent a lot of time alone, and I needed a comforting voice, so I decided to create one for myself with a song.” MOUNTAIN BIRD is the project of Adam Öhman. And he’s on his way to even greater triumphs.

Alexander V – What Can I Say

Oslo based ALEXANDER V is Steinar Alexander Vullum, and in ‘What Can I Say’ the house producer offers up a classic vibin’ pop/EDM single that is decadent in presentation and atmosphere. Lyrically centralized, the dancey single is of lovers and the unbreakable bond that isn’t perfect. But that’s us. You know. Humans. That’s why the world is interesting. ALEXANDER V’s single makes it spicier as we all need some of this in our lives. Don’t you agree? Heck yea.

Cobalt Road – Can’t You See

Florida based COBALT ROAD does his thing with gallons of groove, stacks of funk, and disco shine to make auto detailers jealous. ‘Can’t You See’ is a baby of CR and it is a chord progression that makes you feel fun, vigorous, and happy. It’s a vibe that is cherry with delectable notes without zero guilt. Started with Vaporwave, and now stays in the fabulous disco / funk genre. COBALT ROAD wants you to feel it.


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