Crepes – Sexyland

Crepes’ Sexyland is a fun stroll around town. It’s a sunny, summer dusk walk – around the concrete sidewalks on the beach shore of Santa Monica, California. Let’s love it, let’s hug it, this song will do you good. Let the sun rays penetrate.

You call your friends, telling them about a gig you know about. It’s cool, it’s fresh, worth going and watching.

“Who’s the band?”, the friend asks. “Crepes”, you answer.

“What are they like?”

“They’re like mixture of cool beach rock, with lyrical sensibilities and execution that sometimes feel like Elton John…but not.”

Then you add, “..with Australian rock sensibilities and ‘Beach Boys’ like acumen, if that would make sense…”

Your friend hesitates and indicates with a slight and friendly grimace, “Nope, don’t get it.”

“But I’m sure they’re cool because you recommended them.”

“For sure my friend, for sure” – you privately thought, giving a silent thumbs up and a wink.

Fast forward, and it was true! The show was awesome.

Later, you all ate pizza, then thought how did we get to Australia and return, so fast??

The world may never know…

Crepes are rep’ed by Deaf Ambitions, Melbourne indie-label. Support!


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