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Crew of Me&You Shares ‘Come Out And Play’. “Maja Ivarsson of THE SOUNDS kicks it up another notch.”

Yep. That’s the voice of Maja Ivarsson of THE SOUNDS. And with partner in crime, Felix Rodriguez, the duo makes it happen in their single ‘Come Out And Play’.

We’ve loved THE SOUNDS for a long while. And when Maja sings, our ears perk up quickly. And the two founding members of that band makes new music, that means that there are different angles of story telling that needs to be told.

Much more electro than THE SOUNDS.

Playful as they’ve ever been.

And the striking vocals of Maja, just doesn’t miss a beat, in this latest project.

“We will always be rebels at heart and musically,” explained Maja, “so this new journey on a new musical path is something we love to be able to share with each other. Get ready world we’ve been ready for a long time…and it makes my heart race just thinking about it.”

Can’t wait for more from the dynamic duo.



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