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Crimson Cobra // Caroline Lazar // Sam Ryder // The Bare Minimum // FITZGERVLD

Crimson Cobra – Homicidal Alibi

Crimson Cobra is a three-piece rock band based in London. Formed in January 2018, it was founded by singer and drummer Leo Mesada, guitarist Thomas Beck and bassist Jonny Sotres. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and ACDC are some the inspirations for the band, and in ‘Homicidal Alibi’ the sonic barriers are broken to the destructive points, as the thrust of sweaty guitars and drums meld with sexy couture. Focusing on honing their craft, they began to explore different genres and sonic directions that the band could take. They went through several line-ups including a keyboardist and a drummer but eventually settled on an unconventional line-up when the band needed to perform at a short notice. You want to sing yourself to that long journey on the great American high-way?! Crimson Cobra’s single is one of the best ways to get you ass off of your computer seat and get outdoors. Hey. You might even head-bang a little. Leo, Tom, Jonny: they rock.

Caroline Lazar – Roller Rink

The gal from Florida, is settled into the creative forest of Brooklyn, and has come to deliver a much fuller, and dynamic sound. “Roller Rink tells my story of putting my own needs aside in order to fit the mold someone has set for me. When I began writing this song, I was aware but content with filling that role. However, while finishing it up I became completely fed up. I realized if this person didn’t want me as I am, they didn’t want me at all. You can hear that revelation in real time, as the mood shifts at the end of the song, and I repeatedly ask “Do you care if I’m okay?” Caroline’s music has always been rooted in the folk tradition, but her sophomore EP, Honey, really pays homage to her beginnings. In the best tradition of a genre that never relents in curiosity of creativity, ‘Roller Rink’ is a bright new start, in a foreign land, finding more about yourself. The song was co-written and produced by Jack Mullin.

Sam Ryder – Set You Free (Cover)

Sam covers the the UK No.2 1994 hit ‘Set You Free’ by N-Trance. Sam’s power and grace of vocals, helps you skip breathing for a micro-second. The seduction of his talent, starts to burrow deep into your sensibilities, right from the get-go. The mild feeling original, is transformed into a chest ripping, and dire, longing – beckoning – sadness that is for the possible happiness to come. Only if you were with him. Sam Ryder is a singer/songwriter and producer out of of small town outside of London. Sam spent over 10 years touring in the rock world which brought him placements on Billboard charts, songs featured on TV shows and films, and playing shows in over 20 different countries. Sam has found new horizons to conquer. This is just a taste.

Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life (Cover by The Bare Minimum)

Fun. So much fun. That’s what this cover is all about. So much color from the gang made of Cam (Vocals, Guitar), Mick (Guitar), Donnie (Bass), and Chris (Drums). An unhinged take on the Spice Girl’s 90s hit, The Bare Minimum add years of cigarettes and cheap coffee to ‘Spice Up Your Life’. The Toronto outfit of punk folks, delivers with a flavor that is out of this hemisphere and then some. With outlandish dishing of notes, vocals reminiscent, and pacing that is nothing like the ladies in Spice Girls – The Bare Minimum, brought more than ample output for this fabulous row. Fun. So much fun.

FITZGERVLD – The Kids Are Alright

“At first, The Kids Are Alright (TKAA) was inspired out of frustration towards those doubting my choices. I was angry at people looking down on me for chasing dreams and taking on life at an unconventional angle. I was okay and I hated that people assumed I wasn’t just because my story didn’t look like theirs did.” TKAA is an anthem for the misfits. This song is for people swimming up stream but loving every minute of it. FITZGERVLD is a 25 year old producer/songwriter based out of Edmonton, Canada. “Maybe I am struggling – but sometimes we need to struggle for a bit to learn how to get through the shit life throws at us.”


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