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CRV – Racecar

Noah Engel, Lucas Merat, and Jamie Sweeney make up this intriguing project named CRV. The Brooklyn based (originating from Austin) band is a contextually reminiscent piece of a dream that is The Cure-like dream states and modern shoegaze anthem-ics. ‘Racecar’ is the single that presents a delightful affection, nicely wrapped in cellophane of love and hinted glances. The majesty of little experiences from grand views of one’s traveling notions, creeps up from the bogs of noise and the unfiltered world. ‘Racecar’ reminds you of a small corner of sanctity in that lively but sometimes confusing place of life, liberty, and existence. Their debut 6 track EP ‘Compact Recreational Vehicle’ is available now. And yes. CRV is taken from their trusted mechanical steed.

Johnny Conqueroo – Calculations

JOHNNY CONQUEROO is not of this world. Not of this state of mind. Not of your state of mind. Like a former wisp of indignant emotions of a past, the glances of revered sounds make their way back to the fore with Johnny’s works. ‘Calculations’ is a full out onslaught of penetrating blues based rock n’ roll, reminiscent of the best traditions of The Rolling Stones and the White Stripes. There’s nothing that is unsaid in the way Johnny approached this single. The upfront fun, is that it’s here for all of us to dance to the rhythms of its sounds. No hidden messages or un-necessary poetry for style, this rockin’ good time can commit to all our sensibilities. JOHNNY CONQUEROO is a set of emotions that will get ya. Grant Curless, Wils Quinn, and Shawn Reynolds make up this alien, but familiar good time.

Atlas Palace – (Every) Today

Charming and dream vibin’ single ‘(every) Today’ by ATLAS PALACE is off of the upcoming EP. The project is driven by Cosimo Cirillo and with his compatriots Antonio Saponaro and Mariano Doronzo, Cosimo dips into the vapid notions of love and possibilities, with shimmering relevance and unadulterated (albeit understated) luminance and shimmer. All of the things that you’d expect from a dream/bedroom-pop single, ‘(Every) Today’ touches on that delectable notion of ‘coming-of-age’ and ‘breaking off of that innocence’ from life’s chances and offerings. Love is a big factor in that, for it can change the course of a life, dramatically and irrevocably. One can say these are hazards to avoid. We think ATLAS PALACE is practical, just like most of us, wants to still see the majesty thrive. We all deserve a piece of that pie, no?

Pekoe Cat – Jungle Cop

Kyle Woolven is the self-described “artist you’d never heard of”. He’s right. But they should. The talented producer and multi-instrumentalist (originally hailing from Belleville, Ontario) has a knack for combinng art and fun like water flows through chosen containers. Limber and fluid, the concoction of tropical elements and ol’ school pop saturations in synth, makes ‘Jungle Cop’ (first & title single off of his new album), quite a dancey trip to get into. Kyle stated: “My recording process is a little different for a few reasons. I record in my basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface that doesn’t even belong to me. It’s actually owned by my brother Sean, who (by the way) is the guitarist for indie rockers The Most Serene Republic. I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.” You son of a gun, you Kyle Woolven. Never in one place, but always there, PEKOE CAT is a dynamic assertion for our needs.

Snake and the Rabbit – The Weekend

Stripped down in production and in presentation, SNAKE AND THE RABBIT’s single ‘The Weekend’ comes by like the friendly neighborhood from a block away, whom brings gifts of flowers and food that starts off an impromptu back yard gathering on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s that friend, coming over to lend a hand, when you’d never expected. It’s that text of encouragement that you’d wanted but never wanted to burden. Life is a bucket of opportunities and ‘The Weekend’ is a signaling green light from the other side of the street, inviting and describing, what you might be missing. SNAKE AND THE RABBIT is a project of Brett and Leanna Patterson. The husband and wife team of good vibes and adoration in musical craft, the duo locks horns with the fullness of life and doesn’t want to let go. The energy is what SNAKE AND THE RABBIT offers. We think we should embrace their goodness, as well. ‘The Weekend’ is off of their self-titled debut EP and is the first video from that collection.


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