CRYSTAL ‘Ecco Funk’ : Retro-future. Fusion-galore. Shimmy-excellence. Whatever your thoughts.


Retro-future. Fusion-galore. Shimmy-excellence. Whatever your thoughts, you have to speak to power and dance to CRYSTAL ‘Ecco Funk’. With influences from bands like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kraftwerk,

In ‘Ecco Funk’, CRYSTAL delivers in that classic Sega game system vibes, with gamer expressions, un-diluted funk, and so much more, in kind. A veritable crash course in all that is good in this world, ‘Ecco Funk’ kicks out the darkness of your living moment, and brightens it up with that ‘oh-so-delicious’ oddity that breaks the monotony of it all.

Discovered online by JUSTICE’s Gaspard Auge and Surkin (Institubes/Ed Banger/Marble), the world — including Flying Lotus’ The Hit on Brainfeeder’s Twitch channel — has steadily been taking note of the duoHeaded up by Ryota Miyake (aka flau roster artist Sparrows).

The nostalgia of these cartridge classics finds itself in ‘Ecco Funk’ is included in the upcoming EP (December 16th) from the Tokyo based synth outfit (Japanese label, flau).

CRYSTAL is made up of Ryota Miyake and Sunao Maruyama.


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