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crystal witch – you got me

With a sadness in her heart, she marched on. The tears did not flow any longer, for the fountain for such empathy had become dry. It was the end of it all. It was the end of the happiness we knew. He knew. She knew, not anymore. The blame was on both sides, but remained in the sole hearts of the individual lovers. The war had been lost. She picked herself up again. Once more. Dusted herself off of the corpses of emotions on that battlefield of love. She marched forward. In to that unknown, but a new chapter. ‘You Got Me’ is a fab debut single by CRYSTAL WITCH and it shows the presentation skills of the dynamic songstress. Look for more from her and her songwriting endeavors. The song was co-produced by Jason Elliott and Chris Ketley.

Benedikt – Celadon

Off of the latest album ‘Communal Work’, BENEDIKT offers this intriguing single that traverses the hills of pop and indie like nobody’s business. The folk entrenchment in lyrical poignancy keeps on the throttle of pop-psyche and unknowable vibes. The 9 piece band keeps it real every since their debut in 2013, continuing their abject notion for sincerity and gumption, draped in subtleties and experimentations that result in songs like ‘Celadon’. The Norway based band is inquisitive, naughty, and oh so decadent in its perveyance of their musical wares. BENEDIKT is a oddly attractive prospect for your brain. ‘Communal Work’ pushes your boundary into that pop void that you’d never thought to step into. Too late. You’re there. And you like it. BENEDIKT is an outgrowth from Hans Olav Settems’s bedroom project.

Milo Greene – Worth The Wait (Acoustic)

Off of the MILO GREENE’s ‘Adult Contemporary: Unplugged’ EP, the acoustics just surge out like smoothies. And like the strawberry-mango kind of smoothie that you drink after your best of workouts. But ‘Worth The Wait’ isn’t a workout. It’s a song that you’d like to listen to even without the guilt. There’s no guilt. There’s no stress. The original version was cast as a centerpiece in their 3rd LP ‘Adult Contemporary’ (2018). And in this acoustic version, the charm exudes even farther from the space of bliss, as Marlana’s raspy and charming vocals keep us in tune, in line, in love. Yes. Sometimes things are as good as the first time. “I would have done nothing differently,” Marlana said. “That album gave us the freedom to do whatever we wanted on this one…We challenged ourselves to collaborate better, improve as a team.”

Bout – Where You Go (feat. Raie)

Funk and pop and EDM ‘improprieties’. We mean that dancing legs of yours. Gangly, hairy, but oh so rhythmic. You’re our hero! BOUT’s latest ‘Where You Go’, featuring fellow DJ Raie, makes things a bit more simpler to be that master of your appendages. Its surge of emphatic happiness is intrinsic and can’t be denied. BOUT is two producers from Italy, won fab awards, released singles with Protocol Recordings, Hexagon and Maxximize. But most importantly, keep on offering fun songs like this to keep our booties bumpin’. Earworm? Heck yes. Oh and we’re just kidding about your gangly legs. They’re pretty. Now, dance you fool!

Cambry H – DYT

Love is physical. Love can’t be without. Your eyes, on her’s. Your lips, on hers’. Your sweet nothings, in his ears. Your caressing sweeps of your fingers on his emotions. All culminate to a solitary and mission critical function. That is where CAMBRY H comes into play. He’s the provider of the opportunity. He’s the excuse to get involved. ‘DYT’ is the song that makes it all come together in a synchronized dance in love and for love. The day’s quest is simple, if you choose to accept it. And that is to seek and connect, with the fantasy of your dreams. Don’t lose sight of the ‘mission’. It is for your happiness, and for the involved. Let love rule. CAMBRY H wants that for you.


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