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CRYWOLF Shares ‘QUIXOTE (I am alone, and they are everyone)’.

Yes, yes. You feel that CRYWOLF’s single ‘QUIXOTE (I am alone, and they are everyone)’ is something of a dance track than anything else. Nope. Au contraire, mon frère. It is a deeper cut of music than you think.

Here’s how Justin Phillips, tells the story:

“Last year I traveled to a cabin in the middle of the Patagonian rainforest to write my new album. One day while I was getting supplies in a local city, my car was broken into and over $5000 worth of my equipment was stolen…including, most crucially, my laptop and all of my backup hard drives. Everything I had created over the previous two years, thousands of hours of work, including five months of work on the new album, was completely gone. To say I was heartbroken would be a vast understatement… I felt like a hollow shell of a person.”

So, you can tell there’s some layered substance to what Justin has created. Even with some of the unfortunate hardships, he still dragged out this single for all of us to listen to.

And we at CHF is always empathetic to artists’ will and drive to create. We admire the strength to go with what your biological brain tell you your destiny, might be, at the horizon.

In the past July, Justin’s first release of 2018 was this single. He’s stated that it is a ‘first in a series’ of singles coming down the pipe.

It’s a fabulous, and artsy start.

Let’s see where he goes from here.



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