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Crzy Horse // Andrea Consoli & HARRY FOX // Vincent R // Quentyn & ASHWYN // PiMO

Alex Lua

Crzy Horse – Begging for More

With big drops as you’d expect, there’s no hiding from CRZY HORSE’s sing’e ‘Begging For More’. We wanted more. We think you surely wanted more. So, we’re all in agreement, no? Heck yes. That’s what we’re talking about. Dancin’ till the drops don’t come any more. But with this single it keeps on battering you with ol’ school trance/house redemptions with highly produced EDM reckonings, that just keeps you tuned and dizzy with sweat. The Australia originating DJ/Producer is kickin’ it live and in full effect.

Andrea Consoli & HARRY FOX feat. Parris Wright – Clouds

ANDREA CONSOLI originates from Sicily and based in London. The artist (formerly known as ‘Andrew Consoli’) has been going hard with accolades streaming his way. He’s also an entrepreneur, founding BeatCamp, a music producer accelerator education service. His current solo project ANDREA CONSOLI was established in 2018 with many singles to be released in 2019. ‘Clouds’ with Harry Fox & Parris Wright deliberately enhances a moment in a life of living and thriving, with distractions in love and excitement. The sky is not the limit, and the positive invocations from ‘Clouds’ is decadently delivered in the vocals. Auto tuned, for a nice balance of nostalgia and modern aesthetics, in the whole, the song delivers with danceable clarity and substance.

Vincent R – Don’t Walk

‘Don’t Walk’ is the work of DJ/producer VINCENT R. This time taking the delicious vocal sampling from 90’s r&b/pop group JADE, the song is a beautifully wholesome and decadent house production that reverberates and tingles all of your senses. Everything is good with this single. You can move to it. You feel it’s good for you. The 90’s call you, but the modern age never disappears with this fun diddy. Chicago originating DJ VINCENT R takes his music to levels that never forgets why it’s been created in the first place. The floor is full, faces are smiling, and clothes are wet from sweat – all that encompasses to radiate the goodness and the soul soothing nature of such practices. It’s good stuff, eh?

Quentyn & ASHWYN – Rush (ft Pikes)

The high flying production of ASHWYN is highlighted with the sprinkle of fabulousness from the DJ/producer Quentyn, in this delicious single ‘Rush’. Add to that the vocals of Pikes’ falsetto, delivers in a quandary of suppleness while the intensity redeems your view on what love and that moment of realization, could be. The pop/house tune creates a crater of emotional relevance, as you forget what you thought you knew of the song – ultimately concentrating on the vibe in which ‘Rush’ radiates.

PiMO – Charms

‘Charms’ can mean many things to people. Could be referring to a person’s character or personality trait. Or it can be something of a jewel-like symbolism that manifests in physical form or in an existential relevance. We think in PiMO’s latest single, the Warsaw Poland originating artist wants to dip into both sentiments of our agreed upon reality. The mix of 80’s synth aesthetics cross and bleed over into modern sounds, with ease, as PiMO’s beautifully laid out arrangement pulls you ever deeper into a sand of time. His fiancee, Julia, adds to the atmosphere in this single, as the angelic vibes continue to bloom and exist.


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