CSÖKE ‘Figure It Out’ : A delight of tight production and expressive exuberance.


Exalting chorus by CSÖKE in ‘Figure It Out’ is gorgeous.

“Figure it out is about taking control of a sensual situation and as a woman allowing myself to take control of that situation and just admit what I want.” Added CSÖKE: “Only a few months after a breakup and in the midst of trying to moving on; questioning sexuality, I decided to let myself go, shut off my brain and write purely based on raw, unfiltered emotion that allowed myself to say what I felt at the time without the care of being judged.”

“My songs are a collection of my thoughts about self-affirmation, taking pride my sexuality, and feeling confident to speak my mind no matter who my audience may be. It’s massively important to me that I am open not only with myself but also with those who are willing to listen, as well as creating an environment for those people to feel seen and heard by me in the same way.”

Such passion for the small and significant part of her life. It shows in the words, chosen and sung. A delight of tight production and expressive exuberance, CSÖKE contends with the manifests of life, with confident strides and meaning.


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