Cuesta Loeb ‘immerse inverse’ : Invocation for the lucid. Delivers with shine and rockin’ vitality.

Cuesta Loeb

Cuesta Loeb’s dream-pop exposition evokes emotions, as we sally-forth in ‘immerse inverse’. A trip back to the days of another decade, the grinding guitar, jilted by the effervescent invocation for the lucid, delivers with its cohorts of shine and rockin’ vitality.

Said Cuesta: “It’s been hard to remain optimistic recently, but still every once in a while I feel a shift in perspective, in my reality, that feels open, carefree, and childlike. I experience a world with magic, endless possibilities and overwhelming gratitude for glimpses at a time. Living inside of that realm is incredibly hard in a world where so many things feel so wrong. This song lives in that place of everything good.”

Cuesta Loeb (Christina Cuesta Loeb) is an NYC native and is the offspring of jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Carmen Cuesta. The blood-line for music is certainly there. But Christina has, on her own terms, honed and marshaled her own brand of music into the world. Now, here we are with her debut solo project, embarking on a new journey, on a different coast, with a different philosophy in popular music.

“Producer Blake Straus and I immediately connected musically,” continued Cuesta. “We recorded our first track together shortly after meeting on a group run with friends in 2016. We ended up living a few doors away from each other in an apartment complex in Los Feliz, which made writing and recording at our home studios very fun.”

Look out for her new EP.


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