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Cuesta Loeb Shares ‘Out Of’. Love Can Be Strength. Don’t Let It Fade.

Your constant and incessant care for me can be intoxicating and at the same time cautious. Why do I deserve such love from you? Why do I deserve to be loved in this kind of ethereal poignancy? Why are you with me? I hold you close to my heart of hearts, thumping and thumping, with the small and growing thought of anxiousness and trepidation.

Will you leave me? When I am here, whole heartedly, enveloped and loyal to our new life together… will you leave then? Leaving me dangling, broken, aware of how I cannot function any longer?

There are fears in life, and this is my worry, everyday.

But your company is everything to me. Your companionship is everything to me. Your love for me is everything to me.

Am I crazy for being so pessimistic?

If so, help me change my ways.

Help me please.

Don’t leave me, now nor ever.

Stay with me.

Cuesta Loeb (Christina Cuesta Loeb) is an NYC native and is the offspring of jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb and Carmen Cuesta. The blood-line for music is certainly there. But Christina has, on her own terms, honed and marshaled her own brand of music into the world. Now, here we are with her debut solo project, embarking on a new journey, on a different coast, with a different philosophy in popular music.

We think her father, Chuck (died of cancer in 2017), wouldn’t have it any way else.

Her dream-pop exposition in her single ‘Out of’ evokes emotions, as we’d tallied above. Layers of feelings is what we seek in this particular style of indie-pop, and we think Cuesta’s on her way, with beautiful (demonically fragile) vocals, descending gently above the film of guitar chords and synth.

Let it rain.



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