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Cult Fantastic Shares ‘Animal’ (Single & Video). “Let That Beast Out.”

He’d been always civil. He went to work, did his job competently, then came home to his wife and kids. He mowed the lawn on the weekends during summer. He taught his kids how to water the Hydrangeas his wife had planted in the back yard. He’d always been this way, even in kindergarten.

But this day was different. He felt something stir.

Within him, his hidden urges wanted to come out.

He knew he’d been silent for too long.

He wanted something more to this paradise of a life.

So, one day he went to the grocers and bought that juicy and thick slice of steak. The butcher was surprise that he wanted it.

“I sure do today Bob.”

He smiled and enjoyed his meat, in the backyard, watching his children water the Hydrangeas properly.

To him this was stretching his wings. And he was in heaven.

CULT FANTASTIC wants you to spread YOUR wings. At least a little bit more. ‘Animal’ is what you want to be sometimes, and sometimes, you deserve to feel it. You know. Get it out of your system. Or enjoy it while you can.

In your own way.

Get with it. Love your quirk.



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