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Cult Fantastic Shares ‘Screens’. Commentary With Bite. Let’s Wait 10 More Years.

Like any tool that we associate ourselves with, depending on the complexity of that particular tool, it shows some angles of our individual acumens, wants. The emotional attachments (the degree to which) shows the effective usage of that tool to its optimal effect. Or if the tool is so prevalent and easy to use, it just becomes a part of that biological form, merging into one.

‘Selfies’ have existed ever since humans had the ability to draw. Water colors, oil paintings, photography – and now the ‘selfie’ on our mobile devices. The convenience of the technology is just lightning extreme.

But wait for it.

We don’t know HOW FAR the technology (and the limits of how it can be used) will be stretched.

That’s the fun part.

CULT FANTASTIC’s ‘Screens’ is a commentary on what humans like to do in the modern pop-art world. And like it or not, SELFIES are what they are. What they are of course is a statement about our animalistic desires. It’s a good thing and a bad thing; all depends on the context right?

But we, as humans, are funny sometimes though. LOL.

Anyway, the David Bowie-esque direction of the single is cutely twisted to cement the statement on our human idiosyncrasies. DB would be proud.



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