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CURLY CHUCK and TyC shows us their smart and delicious r&b/soul/rock tinged rap title single ‘Look What You Created’. The industrial and razor sharp single is from the Cleveland native Curly which quickly amasses crunch of subject, with the galactic arrangements of unique sounds and emotions. The quickly moving upward artist, teamed up with another of Cleveland’s musicians, TyC, and the ending result demonstrates attention to the essence of the message and sensibilities. The EP is available now.

Emmitt Dupree – Mama Don’t

Calm and enigmatic, EMITT DUPREE’s single ‘Mama Don’t’ crosses genres of rap and hiphop, to depict the hardships of life and those lonely moments of guilt and helplessness. Someone who you care about, who you love, who you’ve known all your life, sometimes can be the person who know the least. Our closest family members and friends, sometimes hide more private thoughts and feelings, as much as strangers do. A contradiction, for sure, but we let this fact go, for we love them and never want to rock the boat. But new life starts with yourself. New life starts with managing the environment around you. Unpredictability, is a harsh part of life we all live. Let’s live.

Nickel and Dime OPS – Wake Up and See the Sun

Happy sunshine is what it takes to live, one day at a time. We need a lot of that goodness on our bodies, recharging and energizing. In NICKEL AND DIME OPS’ single ‘Wake Up And See The Sun’, the happiness of being truly happy within oneself, cements the likelihood of radiating positivity towards the sometimes unfair waves of hurt in the world. This single is off of the newest album ‘Resuscitation Music’ by the NYC crew which produces jazz/hiphop infused music for the soul.

Van Leeuwen – Little Love Left

VAN LEEUWEN produces captivating songs of love and loss. From imaginations of personal perception of inadequacies, the protagonist of ‘Little Love Left’ still sees the light at the end of the tunnel, filled with fright, angst, and struggles. There is a way to overcome. But the steps through to happiness, is through the spikes of disappointments, challenges, destruction, and ravaged hearts. What doesn’t kill you, will hopefully, make you stronger, wiser – a force to be reckoned with. VAN LEEUWEN is an artist, producer, and audio engineer. And his life is written down to be shared.

TK – Dont Play

TK drops deep bass. TK drops deep rhymes. TK never drops the ball. The indie rapper fuses soul, trap and electro in this slow burner named ‘Don’t Play’. The gravity of the situation had never dawned on them. It was a serious fact of life, as they stood there in the rain. The business of notoriety, had left them and moved on. TK keeps it on the highway of life and never lets go of the steering wheel of life. You in? Get in.


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