Curtis Harding – On and On

Curtis Harding’s On And On brings back the cool of the 50’s and 60’s, exactly emphasizing the essence of our Mo-Town heroes of past. But there’s the modern pop elements that keeps us tuned, engaged, and loving. Loving it, loving the whimsy- loving for love sake.

The 50’s transitioning into the 60’s feel is gravity, in itself – for that’s what attraction really is for us simpleton humans, sometimes.

The drums on this kicks you out of your seat (even if only ‘in mind’) and sets you on fire – but you want more, and more. Artfully emulating the honesty makes it feel like he’s doing his best to honor this art form by trying to be as close to those methods.

We can compare his effort to other blues-pop artists like Otis Redding, etc – but to us, that slightly degrades Harding’s honest efforts and musical output’s focus.

It’s a different time, and a different interpretation scheme.

The formula is common and it’s not a secret, but it’s about execution right? It’s not the set of ingredients that are mashed up that matters. It’s the method those pop elements are weighed, tested, measured – then lovingly glued together with that ‘X’ factor of the artist – that makes things work.

We think (and his label partners) that Harding is a fab artist, and has that ‘X’ factor to go full speed ahead for a long time.

Harding’s songs are nostalgic, exciting, and fun.


And we dig that. You should too!

Lastly, his new album is to drop on October 27, 2017. It’s called “Face Your Fear”, and by all indications, it’ll be a kick-ass bonanza!

Let’s roll!

He’s rep’ed by Anti-Records in Los Angeles. Check ’em both out!


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