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Curves – World of Pain

World of Pain is a heartbroken ballad with a dance-pop aesthetic. Lovesick vocals oscillate over stabs of shimmering electric piano that pound out a driving progression behind dreamy waves of synths. The 5 piece from Melbourne takes synth-pop into new heights with this single. The fabulous aesthetics is a feel-good attempt that we can all get on board with. As the white clad sail boat of our hearts, smoothly wave goodbye with the love of our fascinations, the winds of hurried futures, come with the news you’d wanted: “Can you do it?? The world is better than your current situation. The whole globe of opportunities are awaiting your big butt.” You nod, and the gloriously 80’s vibe of Curves, rock your world in newer stimulation and excitement. “Thanks for the pep talk, Curves.” Mature, salient, and downright anthemic, ‘World Of Pain’ brings fun back to a world that sometimes just don’t feel right. Curves, feel oh-so-right, indeed.

Diamond Lounge – So Pure

Electro. Synth. Wave. The duo with the name of Diamond Lounge, is your key back to shoulder pads made of silken purple and rouge. Tease your hair of all admonition, and get out into the streets of dance – then dance the night away. The saltines of your chicken noodle soup, doesn’t taste right any longer. Your boyfriend’s kiss isn’t right any longer. The world of your existence just doesn’t shine bright, as once it did. ‘So Pure’ is that shot of adrenaline, but calm, pure, direct, and aggressive. Passive in its nature, all 80’s vibes to the future – the winds of change garners respect.


“‘E.’ is about our darkness but also the people that hold us through that darkness and remind us of who we are. This last year has been difficult and we are lucky enough that as a band we can be that support for each other with a powerful friendship. Hold me as the poison sinks in, love me as myself I’m hating.” The hard rock outfit of Anna Papadimitriou, Hannah Staphnill, Iman Ahmed, and Jessica Dann puts aside the harsh memories of the difficulties and draws strength through alternative means. The effort to come out with the energy to fly once again, is where the solo of ‘E.’ cracks open the domicile heart. We live in that time of becoming the victim of it all. Sometimes we must fight ourselves out of the fire fight. Tears, blood, sweat, fallen hopes, re-rising results. The ladies want to remind themselves, and of their listeners what needs to be done. “This song means a lot to us. It represents our darkness but also the people that hold us through that darkness. The ones that remind us of who we really are when we’ve forgotten.” See the ladies of grit next @ The Birds Nest, London on May 7th, 2020.

Astronaut – Amazing

Danish band Astronaut follows up on their debut album with new single ‘Amazing’. In April 2019 the band released their debut album “Silence One”. After a series of good reviews and five-starred live shows in their native country, Astronaut now looks further ahead with their new single and experiments with oriental-sounding synths and drum machines. Remembered Martin Zeppelin: “While mixing ‘Silence One’ in London, I remember playing a new song on the piano. Claudius (Mittendorfer) asked me, why it wasn’t on the album. At that time it wasn’t finished, the lyrics just weren’t there yet. “It’s amazing” he said, and that line kind of stuck with me.Later on, the song got a more serious twist, when I realized the lyrics were about an old friend, who left without saying goodbye. We felt that the song was different from the ones on “Silence One”, but once it was finished, we knew, that this would be our next release.” The band is made of Martin Zeppelin, Jonas Ege, Rio Bravo, Anders Rothmann, and Toby Sachse. ‘Amazing’ is indeed ‘amazing’.

Jack And Sally – Superstar

Formed in the winter of 2018, Jack and Sally are a rock band from London, which draws influences ranging from Alternative Rock to Punk and Metal, their music knows no boundaries, no caste, no creed. Their songs aim to highlight the atrocities of right-wing politics, austerity and racism, as they march on relentlessly, in search of a crowd that accepts them as their own, with a promise to never let the power of Rock ‘n Roll fade away. Well, not if they can help it. But from ‘Superstar’, the righteous traditions of post-punk gallantry is live and affectionately kickin’. The thumping stadium elements of the song, with the emphatic vocals, kicks it to gear and then some for the fans. Have a night when you’d like to just let it all loose? Jack And Sally, baby. See them next @ Roadtrip & The Workshop, London December 7th.


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