Curves ‘Stallone’ (Video) : Get in the car of Curves. It’s a swell and decadent ride.


Melbourne-based band Curves blends new wave and pop, into a smooth jaunt of sass and understated love’s ambience. With truth and emotions, colliding into a vast cloud of revelry, ‘Stallone’ is a song and video of epic-ness.

Donned with the droning baritone vocals, the 5 piece slathers keen sense of self and awareness, on to the stage. A vast number of heart pounding assertions in the lyrics of ‘Stallone’ cryptically and lovingly, cast shades when needed and embrace when warranted. A charm of contrasts drive you to bop and swirl with or without the one you dream of.

“Maybe someday”, you tell yourself. “Someday.”

Romantically charged nostalgia with modern day sentiments are endowed in the essence of Curves.

Since their debut EP ‘All Made Up’ (Enhancer Records, 2016), the band has released a number of standalone singles and played a myriad of live shows locally, at venues The Tote, Gasometer and Northcote Social Club to name a few.

Get in the car of Curves. It’s a swell and decadent ride.


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