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CUT: Durian is tasted. Tolerance ensues. Regret for most.

Durian is a spike crusted south-east Asian fruit. It is a fruit that is eaten by many. However, for many not used to the fruit, its taste (and odor) can range from ‘tolerable’ to ‘inedible’.

The food tests, for many, human fortitude and tells many how varied our taste and smell receptors are, from human to human.

According to NATURE, the food is “banned from hotels and public transport in Singapore and Malaysia, because of its penetratingly pungent odo[u]r.”

The most consumed commercially is the D. zibethinus Durian variety, which is a delicacy in Malaysia and Singapore

Genetic findings indicate that there are “sulfur-related genes”, which researchers think are used to attract, a specific group of animals for dissemination – like elephants and bats.

There are at least 30 varied varieties of Durian species that exist. As one can guess, some are indeed edible and some are not.

“Durians developed this intense and far-reaching smell as a way to advertise the presence of ripe fruits and attract animals that occur at very low densities in the rainforests,” Sheema A. Aziz, co-author of “Pollination by the locally endangered island flying fox (Pteropus hypomelanus) enhances fruit production of the economically important durian (Durio zibethinus)”.

“The durian is “a beautiful example” of cooperation between plant and animal species, Aziz added.

Anyways, here’s a compilation from the folks at CUT:


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