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Cut Worms Shares ‘Cash For Gold’ Single & Official Video. We Scratch Our Heads In

When listening to Cut Worms’ latest single ‘Cash For Gold’, we feel sometimes of being next to Roy Orbison. But with Cut Worms (at least in this particular song) brings the sunshine and little bit of rye smiling that was often depleted of Orbison’s classic and never to be forgotten tunes. It’s a different take to that ol’ Texas guitar style, and Cut Worms does it the way our hearts can absorb.

The new debut LP ‘Hollow Ground’ drops May 4th.

We’re not comparing Cut Worms (aka Max Clarke) directly to styles like Orbison’s but while we’re here and Max is doing things in this distinctive style, we might as well mention it.

And it’s worth mentioning in the way of what the whole of the style is trying to depict.

It’s daft. It’s not apologizing for the love we’d had. Will have. Won’t ever get to experience.

Promulgation and declaration of the heart to another potential significant other – is always an exciting and yet sometimes nervous time. We as animal beings living and walking this little ball of rock, trying to get into the heart and pants of the other interest, is the damning aggregation of animalistic under pinnings to our unfortunate superficial identities.

So, what? We’re that. Exact thing that makes us weird and sometimes inexplicable, is what being human is all about, isn’t it?

Can we be like this without being superficial? Absolutely not. It just is a juxtaposition of that philosophy, where like opposed magnets repel and say good-bye to those tunes of past embers in memory.

‘Cash For Gold’ is that humorous and delectable ‘laugh’ at our genes’ inabilities of being able to be ‘human’. And the ultimate understanding of our cellular-level and cowardly manifestations, are a depleting exercise.

We’re that.

Accept it. Let’s all accept it, and move on.

The pastures, on this side, is greener than you think.

Buy [HERE]

Cut Worm is rep’ed by Jagjaguwar.



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