CYAMO ‘Help This Robot’ : Love is love. Humanity and understanding.


Love is love. And even the most robotic of hearts, need the understanding and affection it deserves.

CYAMO’s single ‘Help This Robot’, there is a message of empathy that should be a part of our daily lives. Humans, as adults, become as hard as boulders emotionally. And that comes being scarred throughout the life that is often hard and unfair.

Love is love. Humanity and understanding, is a small thing to give, n the cold of outer space or on this warm crust of Earth.

Pop-duo from Gothenburg, Sweden, equally interested in the ecstasy of the dancefloor as the depths of the human psyche. Their new song, is both disco, bedroom pop and a sad tale of loneliness.

Later this fall this single will be followed by an EP.


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