Cyote ‘red’ : Flood of dreams, drenched in oil paint, and blood of old self inflicted wounds.


Fantasize. Realize. Down to size. Pay no mind. An unrelenting artistic assault is what Cyote’s single ‘red’ depicts, as it washes over you like a flood of dreams, drenched in oil paint, and blood of old self inflicted wounds. The dynamic discretion from Cyote’s diabolically distant yet cogent relativism, instinctively injects emotions where it was never to be.

Carter Lou McElroy is the project named Cyote, and through it she spreads her wings as a solo artist after catering to stars like Tori Amos, Meshell Ndegecello, Santigold, Kaki King and more throughout her decade of working behind the scenes. The Hudson Valley (NY) based multimedia artist reclaims for herself a continued journey, in which she had longed to return.

With ‘red’ all of her whims, desires, plans, and unadulterated symbolisms, aggregate into a beautifully substantive and demanding array of sight and sounds.

“After a nearly decade-long love affair with this sultry city, the lure of it still has its hold on me,” Cyote told BUST. “Red is an illustration of that push and pull – the dark hustle, the sweetest of rewards, a true love and a heartbreaking loss. I’m addicted to its endless amount of possibility yet am terrified of its absolute uncertainty at all times.”

Born and raised in the Hill Country of Texas, Cyote brings ever aggressive tones to a pallet that just soaks in through our fibers.

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⁣Today’s the day! Holy Moly. ⠀ ⠀ The wait has felt like a decade, bc that’s pretty much how long it’s taken me to finally finish something that feels right to share. ⠀ Huge heaps of gratitude…⠀ – for the two brilliant dudes who spent countless hours working with my crazy: @spragga505 (video // animation) and @le_bananaman (mix // audio).⠀ ⠀ – to @bust_magazine for.. well for Bust Magazine’s existence in general, but also for takin’ a chance on a new gal!⠀ ⠀ – to @monamierecords for signing, helping & being excited with me.. Congrats on everything you did to win Label of the Year: 2020 Vision, “You Got The Goods” 👹 ⠀ ⠀ – to Felice & the Girlies past and present @girlieaction for ridiculous amounts of support, encouragement, guidance.. and a healthy amount of making fun of my many questionable decisions along the way..⠀ ⠀ – to my dear @for.the.wild family for your huge hearts & constant inspiration in focusing on what really matters these days.. ⠀ .. and to EVERYONE who came out to dance with me at Saturday’s release hootenanny!⠀ ⠀ #blessings to all the muses⠀ & never forget.. “Well behaved women rarely make herstory..”⠀ ⠀ ✨🙏🏼✨⠀ check out the video on via @monamierecords 😉

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