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Cypress – Books

Ben Higginbotham brings his project CYPRESS. And the solo endeavor is a harkening to a life of love and finding a voice for yourself. Ben’s song ‘Books’ is a feeling of comfort and calm, just like a touch of support from a best friend, or a lover. The Dallas originating artist, now based in Boston, calls to us with beautiful hymns in a gloriously rich vocal interpretation. And you want to hear more. The melodies are decadent with drips of sentimentality, wrangled by the realities of the world, ultimately softened by a journey only the self can justify. It shines. The debut EP ‘A Fine Line’ is available now.

Sketchy Lines – The Caged Bird

From the banjo playing to the claps of the percussions, ‘The Caged Bird’ by singer-songwriter Fredrik Kjellman, tells of a tale of seas, consumed by the fertile imaginations of souls confused to the world. Turning away and showing only angst and no resolution, we keep away from the beauty of the thing that defines, right underneath our noses. The multi-instrumentalist from Stockholm, Sweden has rolled up his sleeves and through this one-man project, he delves deep into the neglected visions and thoughts pertaining to his being. Thus far, 2 singles and 2 full-lengths, have been released. So, fly caged bird. Thank us someday, you shall. Get in, and absorb Fredrik’s warm invitation, in song.

Chris Murphy – Black and Blue

Off of his album ‘Disconnect’, CHRIS MURPHY mesmerizes with ‘Black And Blue’. With the best tradition of artists like Jason Mrez, Ed Sheeran, Chris brings the stick in this fun single. A touch of ‘told ya so’, just crawls deep in the lyrics of ‘Black And Blue’, siting that ‘he’s his own man’ and that growth is the ability to make mistakes and getting up again. It’s a good thing, because loyalty is what it’s all about, and Chris is there for you. CHRIS MURPHY is an 18 year old folk-rocker from Charlottesville, Virginia, and he doesn’t take sh*t.

Joseph Gonzales – Cause

JOSEPH GONZALES brings ‘Cause’. The single is a bath tub full of regrets about what had happened, and of all the chances that weren’t taken at the right time. She’s gone. She’s actually gone, from the life that could have been. You miss her. You’re f*cked. The world rotates and is melting as you sit in this tiny room – dark, and brooding. ‘Cause’ is a mix of cloud-hop, but lives strictly within the haunts of his mind. Let’s crawl up in a ball and join Joseph in this song. It’ll be different in the morning right? Promise?

Ruben Dax – Rare Candy

RUBEN DAX is first and foremost, an experimentalist. Meaning, he is a conduit for nature’s sounds to evolve and emenate through his tools of the trade, for all to enjoy. Off of his new solo album ‘Oval Window’, ‘Rare Candy’ makes a radical entry into the world of sonic experiences and dream-scape construction. “Absorbing soundscapes and intricate rhythms created with homemade instruments and found-sounds,” stated Ruben. Word.


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