D.A. Stern featuring Alex Winston ‘Tall Girlfriend’ : The two roles marry perfectly to showcase his playful deftness.

D.A. Stern

For Los Angeles-based, New Jersey-raised D.A. Stern, the two roles marry perfectly to showcase his playful deftness and signature wit. His full-length Slumberland debut, 2018’s Aloha Hola, was an impressive collection of ornate, hook-laden power-pop.

D.A. Stern said: “The video for “Tall Girlfriend” is pretty much a literal interpretation of a joke. The song follows, more or less, a set-up/punchline structure so we wanted the video to emphasize the humor behind it. It was obvious that we needed two people who were exceptionally mismatched in height so casting was everything. Thaddeus Ruzicka, who directed the video, took it up a notch by introducing a story about a tall businesswomen’s convention, which always reminded me of Romy and Michele in the best way. There is no real reason for why I’m dressed in a cheap rococo costume, other than it was lying around and seemed to underline the surreal inanity of the whole thing.”

The track is from D.A. Stern’s Mmxxtape will be released September 25th, an EP featuring covers and collaborations with artists such as Fat Tony & Colleen Green, Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend, Ben Hozie of BODEGA and more.

D.A. has enlisted friends he’s made throughout his journey to lend their vocals to a mixtape that highlights his progression. Tributes to “Weird” Al Yankovic, one of Stern’s heroes, featuring Dams of the West, aka Chris Tomson of Vampire Weekend, and Photo Ops on covers of the comedy icon’s non-parody originals.


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