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d.c.R. Pollock // Girl As Wave // Charity Shop Pop // Les Gold // Handstand Parade

d.c.R. Pollock – Michael Jordan Statue

‘Michael Jordan Statue’ is the tale of a story from the awfully talented genre ironing sensibilities of d.c.R. POLLOCK. And from that sentence, you can guess that he tries to make his own course of music, in a different atmosphere, in a genre un-defining recourse. The Costa Mesa, California based artist comes as a package, with the notion that you’ll be thoroughly surprised and enamored. Feel that constancy within ‘Michael Jordan Statue’. It’s like nature’s seemingly uncaring paradox, and the contrast of us humans needing it to thrive. d.c.R is an experience.

Girl As Wave – Another Life

GIRL AS WAVE is the project of New York artist, Marci Elizabeth. The minimalist beginnings of her music, continues to flourish in the strange dichotemie of her mind and musical emotions. Riding the winds of select colors of the spectrum, she collaborated with Jimmy Deer to bring her debut EP ‘Poison Vines And Nectar’. Marci is about change and the observance of its reasons and un-reasonable reluctance in some. She has embraced change. Another chapter, another way of expressing her sumptuous revelations. The EP is out now.


CHARITY SHOP POP is a monicker used by Dave Hughes. The bedroom indie-pop singer/songwriter impresses with enthusiastic positivity introduced in his latest single ‘Always You’. The infectious guitar driven diddy, clears out the day of personal baggage, in order to manage the overwhelming goodness of the world that surrounds Dave and the rest of us. What can we say. CSP is what you need.

Les Gold – You Know (Alone on Mars)

Weening oneself off of the addiction that occupied our world is hard to do. That addiction is the one we all loved. In secret we chop down the foliage of our overgrown mistakes and interpretations, unrealized. The guys in LES GOLD keeps on their ultra melodic indie-rock flavors, tantalizing and endemic. The subtle pension for pop tastes make the band’s song constructions, the perfect antidote for those harsh days.

Handstand Parade – Beloved

Fatality in love is what we dread, during the good times. But should we be? Are we that petulant, that even the unknown future makes us deservedly nervous of the outcome? Does she love you? Does he love you? The answers make it obvious where we can go from here. HANDSTAND PARADE is a talented and emphatic statement of indie-rock-pop that seeps directly to our psyche, with ever endearing emphasis. The 5 piece band from Reading, England, the band brings popular conscience in music from decades past, and makes it their own, in ‘Beloved’. The rhythmic and groovy intervention, which just boils down to just a ton of fun.


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