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d.c.R. Pollock Shares That Private Discussion Within With Single ‘Cold Bath’.

I hated you after you said you wanted to break up with me. You were mean to me, by just breaking up with me. Am I being a petulant child? Will I be able to get you back if I become the squeaky wheel?

No. I guess not.

But I need to be that jerk that I never was. The circumstance made me that way. YOU made me that way.

No. That’s unfair. I know that.

But I need to be that d*ck that I never was.

For being a petulant child, for this moment, for this slice of time, is need for me Not to hate myself.

I don’t hate you. For I love you.

I can never be that jerk I never can be.

D.C.R. POLLOCK’s ‘Cold Bath’ is made up of the angst of whatever your nearest horror is, at that moment. Being scared of what can be, of you and your sensibilities can be overwhelming. The arrangement of the song is fabulously done to translate and communicate a feeling that can be held and be accessible. Pollock’s vocals masks the confidence with the jolt of nervousness found in many of our inhibitions.




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