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D.H. Scott // Pool Surfers // Teleskopes // Oh Brother // Cardinal

D.H. Scott – The Ballad Of Casey Todd

D.H. SCOTT is an artist from Bakersfield, CA. He’s just a songwriter who now resides in New Mexico, and dreams of slow drizzles within dreams and realities. Well dressed and ready for that first date with destiny, D.H. takes us by our collar, and adjusts it so that we look nice. ‘The Ballad Of Casey Todd’ is exactly about a person he’d crossed in daily life. But the way he presents it, in this bluegrass-folk distillation, certainly makes a compelling addition for our scarred hearts from life’s gripes. It’s that warmth and a good friend’s touch on your shoulders, which gets you through a tough day. This single does that for you.

Pool Surfers – Caught Up

We’d called their previous single ‘Promiscuous Mortality’ from their 2018 offering “a crystal drops of liquid goodness, on the front forehead of the one you love.” In 2019, the gang in POOL SURFERS get back to making music that is a bit darker, but still orients itself for all of the suffering we might go through in a failing love. Last year, we’d warned not to “fall in love with this ‘Promiscuous Mortality’. This time, we warn you not to get in lust with this damning guitars, juxtaposed delicately as it does. Synth surrounded, questions never answered, ‘Caught Up’ is an amalgam of situations, with mysterious and assaulting suppositions. Dig.

Teleskopes – Holy Water

Consisting of Fox Fagan (bass, vocals), Pelle Hillstrom (guitar), and Jesper Kristensen (drums), TELESKOPES makes stealing of a part of you, easy and guiltless. In ‘Holy Water’ makes what had been, current and ready for consumption. The gritty guitars that sounds as another decade, but of the past and of the future, it resounds with vigor and consistency in flavor. Los Angeles based the band stated: “It’s about choices, sacrifices you make in this lifetime gambling that an afterlife exists.” Significant choices. The band released their debut EP ‘Stereocilia’ in 2017. Now it’s time for another reign of delectable guitar solos and majestic subjects, for all the feel and hear. It’s going to be wild year for TELESKOPES. We can feel it.

Oh Brother – I’m A Nice Guy

Jake Leslau begs the question. As an isolated nice guy, what can be done to get that to the front? Don’t be that nice guy. ‘I’m A Nice Guy’ is about being a liar here and there – for good or bad, white or full on – judgement will be reserved for the high courts. OH BROTHER is Jake’s project that has a sheen of uniqueness that is unmistakable and reliably memorable. Sultry – the Jake way. Ominous – the Jake way. Succulent – the Jake way. The chant of this single dedicates part of our brain to that scary corner that we only visit on an off season. But that visit is charming, delicious, and oh so odd. You want something new to chew? ‘I’m A Nice Guy’ is yours.

Cardinal – One Wing

CARDINAL is a 5 piece from Richmond, Virginia. The take note of the world around them and make it their own, fortuitous descriptions in strings and drums. The indie rock inspirations are dreamt into the flow of the emo-flow, as the single ‘One Wing’ pushes forward the inhibitions to the side. CARDINAL explained: “Inspired by past relations, this song is about longing to be a person that your significant other can count on but knowing that you ultimately never will be no matter how hard you try.” Tragedy. Unforgiven. Heart is in the right place, but those wings can’t bear the burdens set forth a long time ago. Time waits for no one, as relationships and friendships are but leaves floating on that eternal stream. The band is made up of: Frank Roberts, Megan Paul, Zavi Harman, Jono Stewart, and Jesse Marcus. With harmonies to live off of for days, ‘One Wing’ relieves us of that exact burden, with utter contempt for loss. Acceptance will drive you forward.


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