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D Kel & Los Bandidos // Brasko // Birthday Boy // WHALE CITY // Ohmfield

D Kel & Los Bandidos – Racket

Rock and reggae combine to make ‘Racket’ a certain unique audible experience. Like the tradition of what Rage Against The Machine, the grinding guitars, tight funk-vibe, and rapping poetry deliver the fun. Exciting situations like this makes life just a bit more tolerable, don’t it?? The quartet met with music in their hearts and their DIY attitudes, beaming and ready to go.
You want the live show energy, with a bit less politically sensitive commentary? D Kel and the boys, brings it.

Brasko -20th Century Boy

BRASKO is glam and drips anti-pop. But the sweet, sweet mercy of his guitar driven cover of T. Rex’s 1973 classic ’20th Century Boy’ gets you going. And then some. BRASKO said: “Marc Bolan [of T. Rex] was one of the true pioneers of glam rock. He was one of the first men to go on national television wearing full makeup (even before Bowie). It was important to me that my fans knew I did my homework. If you want to lead the future you have know the past, so I chose to revamp ’20th Century Boy’ and make it a hit again.” Love it. Put on your lipstick.

Birthday Boy – Fool’s Paradise

Four piece band BIRTHDAY BOY pulls off the masks of social mores, to reveal what’s real in this world. ‘Fool’s Paradise’ is a commanding post-punk emotion, that lingers with delectable guitar riffs and emo tinged lyrical prose. Razor-impending thrusts, manage to cool down the jets of mis-fire, and let’s your senses of the world, awash into a cascading victory. This song is victory. Your victory, to move from now, and then into the infinity of your whims. Do you have the courage? Their EP ‘Mercy Rule’ is out now and available.

WHALE CITY – There She Goes

Andy, Michael, and Juri make up WHALE CITY. We’d stated about WHALE CITY: “…you just can’t help but fall in love. And for what it’s worth, falling in love, with the concept of falling in love, brings a smile to your face, a warmth to your heart, and a higher outlook for the day ahead. “Not to stay alone,” Andy said, “people just envision a perfect Mrs. Right or a perfect Mr. Right. Then, in reality, they are chasing a fantasy.” Their third single ‘There She Goes’ is from their upcoming debut album to be released in Autumn of 2019.

Ohmfield – Givin’ Up

Submissive. Subversive. ‘Givin’ Up’ is a pop electronic fantasy, where you can be whomever you want to be. You take that chance, and you’re free – for a moment – for a lifetime. The oddly uplifting contrast in melancholy seduces with pensive but enthralling revelry in this single. [“‘Givin’ Up’ is] a series of thoughts that have been swimming around in my head recently,” said OHMFIELD. “It seems as one gets older, they tend to fall into the trap of routine and repetition, effectively ‘giving up’ on the person they used to be. I made this track in acknowledgment of that and as a little reminder that feeling unsafe and out-of-control in life is when it can be at it’s most exciting.” The London based artist just knows how to place that uncertainty in vibe, to song.


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