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Daffodil Daze // Green Buzzard // BANADU // Joe Iadanza // Freedom Fry

Daffodil Daze – Tie Dye Daydream

Self described by DAFFODIL DAZE: “lost in a tie dye daydream”. Can’t be any cuter. Can it? And it continues with this dreamy and effervescent single ‘Tie Dye Daydream’ where the same name and sentiments crisscross with amiable thoughts and whimsical vibes. The pop and indie-guitar works, deflect with caressing attitude and the song just works fabulously. Like a tale of love and what love promises, the sky’s the limit for the protagonists of this sentiment. We all should be so lucky, eh?

Green Buzzard – I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Produced by Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Weezer) at his rambling LA studio, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Alone’ marks a new chapter for the Sydney based Paddy Harrowsmith. “Throughout the recording process we listened and drew inspiration from The La’s to Lana Del Rey to The Church to A$AP Rocky,” Harrowsmith said. “A similarity between all of these artists was a sense of space in the music, a “less is more” approach which myself and Dave tried to emulate as best we could by not over doing anything.” ‘I Don’t Want To Be Alone’ was the first new music from GREEN BUZZARD in two years.

BANADU – Good Time

Peaking out from the froth of that night time ocean, breaking styles and emotional sanctities, BANADU’s single ‘Good Time’ is the vision of love you’d wanted. At least for the night. With her. With him. Together forever. For a time-being. Like the mythic history of Xanadu, this project by Seattle based BANADU is the beautiful mix of funk and guitars, pouring its unending feel for the wicked, and the horizon in fun. Get this 70’s style electro-pop into your rotation. It’ll do you good.

Joe Iadanza – Remember Me

Just like a thunderbolt from the 70’s, the modern excavation in emotions begins and ends with JOE IADANZA’s single ‘Remember Me’. Passion and struggle, combine in the blood stream of the first generation son of immigrants, always awed by the American dream and what it represents for him. With the vibe of Cat Stevens bubbling just under the surface, story telling focus of ‘Remember Me’ is a state of compassion and a classic folk extravaganza.

Freedom Fry – Me and Bonnie

The band’s name is the oh so serious name that was born of the days of the Iraq war. After France had declared opposition to the Iraq invasion by the US, some US politicians and public supporters protested by calling ‘french fries’ their traditional food name. Thus turned it into ‘freedom fries’ meme, was born and existed, for a time. FREEDOM FRY is a duo which casts different vibes, with pop aesthetics and unconventional indie-rock assertions. The talented couple makes music of diverse cultivations and diagnosis, where deep ingratiation and supple tongue-in-cheek can play a major role. However, pop song fun, is never forgotten.


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