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Dafna // PETA¥AN // Dakota // Stephen Artemis Jr. // LUNIR

Dafna – by myself

Eighteen year old singer/songwriter Dafna is from Boulder Colorado. The talented artist hits all of the alt-pop vibes within this indie ballad for independence and for love. With shimmering hues, in pastel grit, ‘by myself’ indicates all of the qualities that have brought Dafna to this point in life. Looking out into the cold cold waters of the virtual world, she sees herself and her music warming and tantalizing, listeners with stories of personal truths and indignations. The beautifully tongue-in-cheek charm comes off at each inflection of this single, and it makes you want to adore it to bits. A bit of spice. A bit of sweet. And a bit of timely sadness – conventionally and unapologetically, thrown out the window to start anew. That’s how we see Dafna in attitude. It’s a vibe that we can learn from.

PETA¥AN – Intet @t Skjule – Alt @t Miste

Aarhus, Denmark based artist PETA¥AN offers up smooth folk with ‘Intet @t Skjule – Alt @t Miste’. Sung in the Danish language, the way PETA¥AN sings this single, the pronunciations and of the vibe, comes off as a part of a long lost ‘Spanish folk’ vinyl. A vinyl that seemed to have been lost in time, but never forgotten. With a strict foreigner’s ears in listening to the single, it is that relaxing nature that grips you with open arms. The succulent shimmer, rings off of each pick of the guitar strings, as you witness the cloudy days of yore, defy the nature of things to clear off into the far off distance. PETA¥AN performs a unique mixture of folk, world and weirdness. The music is for the quirky characters of the world and has a political agenda to it, criticizing commodification and the mainstream culture. A unique experience within, indeed.

Dakota – Icon (The Day Version)

“After I saw Dakota play in Arnhem in 2016, I couldn’t stop talking about them and soon Gregor was a fan too,” says Laura Loeters, The Day’s singer and bass player. “Especially the song ‘Icon’ was the one we fell in love with after hearing it for the first time. So we knew right away that this was the song we wanted to cover.” Driven by shaky guitar-synth lines and decent electronics in the background, THE DAY’s approach is slightly more shiny and definitely more 80ies-orientated than the original version. Which does not effect the lyrics after all, but adds an interesting, elegant spin instead. “Icon'” is about trying to be all that your cheating spouse wants you to be, but finally realising that there’s just no way to do so. The only thing you can be and would ever want to be is yourself. Just never lose your dignity and grace.

Stephen Artemis Jr. – Cinders In The Breeze

‘Cinders In The Breeze’ by Stephen Artemis Jr. is a howling portrait of everyday life that is simultaneously optimistic and mournful. Drawing upon Stephen’s personal experience navigating the unvarnished realities of early adulthood in America’s Rust Belt, “Cinders” reflects the region’s warm beauty and cold economic undercurrent. Stephen sings, “The sun has just begun to rise, here comes the bus on down the line yeah”, and he hits the harmonica deep into the sun. Like Springsteen’s biggest vibes, the upstate New York born and raised, singer/songwriter kicks you in the gut with his traditional bluegrass vocals and lyrical depth. The song ends with a defiance to the world, to the one he loved, to the life that he knows and is working toward. ‘Cinders In The Breeze’ was coproduced by Stephen Artemis Jr. and Brian Speaker. Recorded and Mixed by Brian Speaker and SpeakerSonic Productions in New York, N.Y. and mastered by Alex Saltz.

LUNIR – Cubs

Edinburgh duo LUNIR return with another infectious slice of future-soul to feast your ears on ‘Cubs’. Becky Sikasa elaborates, “I recently discovered I’m now too big to navigate between the branches of trees and began reminiscing about my childhood friend and I running carefree through the forest like a pair of cubs. This track is about this feeling, like a wild freedom where opportunity for joy abounds.” With David Scobie, LUNIR makes deliberate and vibrant single like ‘Cubs’. The uplifting and bouncy vibe of the single combines the goodness of roots, pop, and rock to create something deliciously proud. See the shimmering duo next @ The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, on October 10th.


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