Dafna ‘submerge’ : Glazed with toppings of seriousness in questioning such life limitations.


Dafna is a singer/songwriter and producer from Boulder, Colorado with the habit of knowing how her personal feeling are like, and the talent to express them in a fantastical and poignant way. Looking out into the cold cold waters of the virtual world, she sees herself and her music warming and tantalizing, listeners with stories of personal truths and indignations.

Dafna’s whimsy, is glazed with toppings of seriousness in questioning such life limitations, that effect her thought process. The beautifully inflection ‘submerge’ makes you want to adore it to bits, as the protagonist crumbles with each inquiry and summary of the world.

That’s how we see Dafna is in attitude.

Charm with laser beams, yo.


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