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Dagan Harding Band Shares Single ‘Pretty Textbook’.

Dagan Harding Band’s single ‘Pretty Textbook’ is made in Canada, but feels so ‘California-surf’. It’s an odd set of circumstances, but that’s what we feel when listening to this song. We know, we’re weird. But just listen to it, and imagine at the beach, overlooking the horizon, with the whole wide world in front of you and your future. It’s a golden matrimony of sound and visuals, and we dig that about this single. It’s exciting, and it pumps you up for the day ahead.

The quick executions and steady repetition, strongly and lightly, pulls you through to the other side of the needle’s eye. The bright day, could get even brighter, and that’s exactly what you want (and receive) from this single.

Is it selfish?

Well, if it’s selfish to see the day go smoothly, and to dream of that party with your girl and friends, at the coast of California?

Then heck yes.

Dagan Harding (lead) is a Saskatchewan (Canada) based singer, songwriter and producer and seems to be a veteran of his craft for music making.

The current band consists of: Dagan Harding, Mike Theiven, Leif Thorseth, Travis Packer, and Andrea Hedlund.



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