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DAISE. Shares New Single ‘Sights of Blue’. “Trapped By Her Decadent Sweetness.”

‘Sights Of Blue’ is that quiet dusk at the local lake with her. The gentle calm waters of the blue water depths, envelope your ankles in cool feathering. The undulating, ups and downs in the mini waves calm your fears. The fears of what you have thought all along about her, and how she’ll react to you direct requests.

As the water shimmered into evening from the distant and descending sun, you look at her beautiful face. She turns to you, as well, with her big brown eyes, framed by her freckles highlighted during the day’s romp.

Her smile, so warm, so accepting, is what made you fall in love. Her devotion of ‘the here-and-now’ made life a different place to exist.



Fenced in.

Trapped, by her decadent sweetness.

“What’s wrong with me?” You asked of yourself, over and over again. “I don’t deserve her. She deserves better.”

Before you can speak your first word, she put her index finger up against your lips.

“You need me. And I need you. Don’t be silly. We’re meant to be together.”

Maybe she’s right.

DAISE. is a Southern California based dream-pop band and in their latest single release ‘Sights Of Blue’, the understated ‘doom’ is aptly described and most importantly, communicated ‘vibrantly’ in their musical construction.

Contrast is delicious. And DAISE. seems to be going after that kind of ‘bitter & sweet’ juxtapositions, where the listener can relate. For life isn’t just a box of chocolates, it’s a mix of both chocolates and lemons.

Let’s see where they go from here.

The band consists of: Eli DeLeon, Edwin Robles, Justin Barner (JB), and Luke Johnson.



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