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Daisy Anabelle Shares ‘Wine and Vitamins’. Let The Brooding Alternate Take On Life, Reveal You.

The trip into the western part of the state was a surprise gift from my boyfriend. You see, we’d been together for about 5 months, and things were going great and, I guess, he wanted to do something special for our 5th month anniversary. I was so surprised and happy when he said that we were on the way to Maine, and that he’d booked a whole tour for the long weekend trip.

The drive was beautiful and once in the rural hills of Maine, we’d breathed deep and held in the clean fresh air for posterity sakes.

Our hotel was in great shape and in perfect condition. We’d checked in and at entering the room, there were rose petals on the bed. OMG! John set it up and coordinated with the hotel to make me feel oh so special.

“I love you,” John said to me, as we stood in dusk.

“I love you too,” I replied.

It’s been 10 months since that great weekend. And I miss him very much. He left me a week after.

I’d never thought it would happen to me, but say ‘I love you’ to the ones you truly love. Because you don’t know when that person won’t be there to hear it. It’s not a cliche.

If you love them, say you love them, with conviction. If not, you might regret not saying so.

John passed away, and I miss him like crazy. I’m the lucky one, for I have some great last memories of him, with me, together.

And yes. I did say that I loved him. In a small consolation, I feel satisfied that he knew that from the bottom of my heart.

DAISY ANABELLE’s vocals make this single ‘Wine And Vitamins’ the song that really is. With dark undertones and overt descriptions of deep subtle feelings, it vibrates into the core of your bones, shaking, bending, breaking.

Let the brooding alternate take on life, reveal you.



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