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daisy Shares ‘Cuts 388’. “Dig what you got. Kick some ass.”

“What we go here is a failure to obliterate”

That ‘upgraded’ phrase (a la a very famous movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ from the late 60’s) is what we think of when listening to ‘Cuts 388’ by daisy. Made up of bandmates Max Terlecki, Griffin Kisner, and Andy Cavanaugh, the trio with the mostest, does what every band should aspire to. At least from an efficiency point of view.

There are bands that have all the talent.

There are bands that have all the gear.

There are bands that have all the administrative and marketing support.

And then there are bands like daisy, which, kicks butt with what they have and just slowly grinds your brain into mustard.

‘Cuts 388’ is one of those examples.

From the grating vocals to the terminally galactic guitar power chords and Grohl-like elegance in pounding drums, the trio frames invincibility into a nicely packaged deal that Amazon would be jealous of.

Other’s don’t get to ‘obliterate’ nothing, even if they have all the advantages for success.

daisy’ ‘Cuts 388’ does the opposite.

The remastered version updated for the 2019 season, ‘Cuts 388’ was originally released in their first EP back in 2015.

But very much worth revisiting, no?

Heck yes.



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