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Dama Scout Shares New Single ‘Milky Milk’. Dramatic, Cinematic. Cause for drool.

Dama Scout is a very innovative band, in our humble opinion. And nothing more demonstrates their sensibilities than this new single ‘Milky Milk’. Fuzzy, wuzzy, rock – starts, spurts, and slaps you in the mouth with some delectable off the beaten path notes. Then splashes you with that cold water, so you can waky-waky to finish listening to the fab ‘Milky Milk’.

In a weird way, our heads thought of the classic movie on the fab book ‘1984’. You know. Think about it. If you can transpose this song to that classic, with the way it COULD be, with the outstretched world that WON’T be, it’s a powerful description.

We know. We’re weird.

‘Milky Milk’ is a Pink Floyd-like orchestral audio transaction, pulling you apart and putting you back to the place of future-past. The indignant arrogance, self destructive tastes, wandering the streets of that comfort and the comfortable.

This song is dramatic.

This song is cinematic.

The song just IS and we loved the push and pull of the progression.

It’s glorious, and we didn’t expect anything else from the band.

‘Milky Milk’ has gotten many publications’ praise and kudos. And it’s not any different here at CHF.

“Milky Milk is a song about making the most of fleeting happiness and accepting its irregularity. We move from the intimacy of Eva’s voice into noisy sections whilst keeping the arrangement simple and live with few overdubs. Instead of a vocal chorus we chose to play a straightforward major scale in unison washed in doom and sludge.


“We wanted an elastic performance, building tension through the push and pull of dynamics and tempo – culminating in the euphoric end section that hopefully comes as a relief.”

Dama Scout is rep’ed by Father/Daughter Records (US) & Hand In Five (UK).

Buy [HERE]


21 – Bristol, UK @ Louisiana
3 – London, UK @ Koko (opening for Gengahr)
5 – Liverpool, UK @ Sound City Festival
6 – Glasgow, UK @ Stag & Dagger Festival
1 – Glasgow, UK @ Frightened Rabbit curated show


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