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DAMEER’s Single ‘Easier’. “It Does. But Takes Work. Be A Warrior.”

“It does not,” one stated firmly, answering the question. “It gets harder. And to make it easier from today, you must make a decision. Will you ‘succumb’, or be a ‘beast’. Will you ‘fight’? Or will you ‘retreat’?

The hard decisions of life’s banal difficulties, helps in ways to make YOU, WHO YOU ARE.

“There’s no sugar coating it man,” as Ralph chewed on the straw as he contemplated. “It’s like that mouse in the novel ‘Flowers For Algernon’ – you feel good for a while, you become competent, but then life throws you a curve ball, and then you want to just die.”

“But does it have to be like this all of the time? Every second? Every hour of my life?” Rich questioned his friend.

Ralph suddenly sat up from his lying position with glimmer in his eyes, after he heard Rich’s plea.

“How many years have I been your friend, Ralph? 10? 12 years? And between those years, have you heard me exaggerate things, when it came to the suggestions and questions about L. O. V. E?”

“No. I guess not. But you do…”

Ralph abruptly stopped Rich with an index finger pushing against his lips.

“Sheeeee. Don’t talk. Listen. Let me teach you. I’ll show you how to be a warrior, my friend. A warrior.”

DAMEER hails from Malaysia and he’s committed himself to the world of music in his teen years. With a new deal with Majestic Casual Records, it seems he’s well on his way to achieving his dreams as a musician and producer.

And we feel he’s got lots to say about his environment, his experiences, and about portions of his life.

“Easier is actually my first ever indie track. I had mostly done jazzy hip-hop and various kinds of electronic music before that, but after hearing Mac Demarco’s ‘Salad Days’ album, I was compelled to incorporate guitar and vocals into my music. I began to play around with some riffs and eventually i came upon the melody for the song. The lyrics are unsurprisingly about my ex. I try to express the sheer frustration one can feel in a long term teenage relationship; wondering whether you did the right thing or not and questioning your own state of sanity. The chorus therefore begs the question, ‘does it get easier?.'”

Struggle is real. But ultimately it DOES get easier, and we move on. It’s just how life works, TBH.



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