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Dámì Sule Shares ‘With You’ (Music Video). “Casual reliability is forever, until it’s not.”

Manchester originating artist Dámì Sule’s single ‘With You’ is about that time when you f*cked up and you just lost it. It’s that thought of losing the one you loved, but never quite fully appreciated. Now that they might disappear from your life, you sing. You sing your heart out.

At first silently.

Then privately.

Then with that special someone in mind.

Then ultimately with a plea for forgiveness to the powers that be, and might not exist.

You’re desperate to fix this. And you just don’t know how.

The poetic representation of this alt-hip hop artist is a masterful dichotomy. Form follows function, but never to the ends of the earth. Casual reliability is forever, until it’s not. And when sh*t hits the fan, you’re there, to make Star Wars noises through the ever turning blades.

Confusion ensues.

Your confused heart, wanders in oversight.

So, you continue – as you do – sing your heart out to call out to the one you love.

On another side of the coin, ‘With You’ is a dedication to the love that still exists and you’d never forego or neglect.

The ultimate definition is up to you.

In the meantime enjoy this funky fab single. It just does the body good and good-er for your emotions.

Pure, delightful, and a wholesome treat, ‘With You’ is a fabulous entry once more to a place of musical seance. Jazzy, trippy, hip-hoppy, and lovingly house-tastic – you’ll want more and more.

‘This Love I Have’ (EP) is out and available now.

See Dámì next at Below The Bridge x Summer Special on July 28th in Manchester’s Zombie Shack.



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