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DAMYN Shares ‘Could Be’. “Melodic Alchemy And Prosaic Rapture.”

The mystic in DAMYN is galactic. As he puts it, his song ‘Could Be’ explore ‘relativism, existentialism, aimlessness, psychological determinism’. His travels through Earth Time and Space un-cans the vulgarity of the Universe we occupy, and tries to tear it to shreds with melodic alchemy and prosaic rapture.

When music is constructed there are elements to it all that make it cohesive and profound to the right listener. In ‘Could Be’, it is, again, DAMYN’s vocals that dance on the stage, captivating and cajoling the tastebuds in the personal truths we deem sacred.

“Musically, the song is one of the more complex on the album, featuring changing meters and chromatic harmonies. The rhythm follows an unbroken pattern of two bars of four and one bar of three. Fitting all of the melodies and chord progressions around this pattern was a wonderful restriction to work with. it produced some twists and turns I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.”

In the fall of 2018, DAMYN is set to drop his latest album ‘The Dark Corners’. He’s worked hard to put it like a novel, describing his thoughts and phrases for his story telling.

You can feel it in ‘Could Be’ and we’re looking forward to more from DAMYN.



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