Dan Ferguson ‘Disguise’ : A strange but familiar graciousness feeling turns your head.

Dan Ferguson

Dan Ferguson is your warmth you’d wanted today. With ‘Disguise’ a strange but familiar graciousness feeling turns your head towards that which folk and Americana meet.

“This song is about our constantly fluctuating sense of self/selves,” said Dan. “If we can lose memories and our contact with the past with each new day and our present environment constantly shifts around us then where does that leave us? Nature doesn’t subscribe to the idea that things have a beginning or an end. I feel like my fantasies are always changing and how I construct my own meaningful reality is also constantly changing.”

Stunning and subtle, in all of its presentation and representation, Dan’s fervent efforts for authenticity and lyrical grandeur, delights listeners of all ages.

Fresh off the heels of his remarkably experimental EP ‘Cookie Stone’, Dan returns to a more familiar but equally moving sound that will instantly transport you to the rolling plains of the deep south.

Dan’s talents are not just one genre. The world is his pallet.


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