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Dan Friedman // Julia Nilsson // Tommy Champion // Daniel Donato // Forever X2

Dan Friedman – Don’t Bother

Dallas based artist DAN FRIEDMAN is a singer/songwriter for his band Dan Friedman and The Publication. Riotous and rock n’ roll in its basic undertones, ‘Don’t Bother’ is what you can come to as a conclusion or the basis for the start of a supposition. The delightful tone of indie-disco in the teeth of the shoegazy song (especially during the bridge), Dan cultivates a dense but simple rhythmic trek. Dan’s more indie-rock framing give it another angle of appeal. Who knows. We just enjoyed the single. Whatever genre, there are times when it doesn’t really matter. This is one of those times.

Julia Nilsson – To lose a love pt. 1

“The songs revolves around loss,” stated JULIA NILSSON, “and tells the story about losing a loved one, and in that sense also lose a part of yourself. But between the lines there’s also a sense of hope and a assurance that you will be able to get through the sorrow.” The stars look nice tonight, as the beautiful piano of Julia plays for the background. And as the world rolls around this vastness of the Universe, we ride on the intrinsic verses of each expressive yearnings of the musical chords. Twinkle, twinkle – the rhythms of space, withers in comparison to the brave heart of a forsaken soul. The gap between here, in this footprint, seems too far from the shiny iridescent majesty of those stars above. “Will I be happy again?” That gap will lessen, we guarantee. JULIA NILSSON is a singer/songwriter and composer of expressionist drawings in sound.

Tommy Champion – Rabbit Hole

TOMMY CHAMPION is the resurrection of a different decade of scintillating psyche/prog hard-rock that we all can love. Out of the best traditions of Flaming Lips, The Doors, Pink Floyd, the knives come out to lash out in the play of Tommy’s drama named ‘Rabbit Hole’. It is that orchestral, concept single that is as decadent and sultry to listen to as it is complex and magical. Tommy’s vocal uniqueness dumps fire upon our sensibilities, as the ride down that ‘rabbit hole’ is as slick as our detriment to our existence. It’s dang slick. It’s double dang slick. The multi-colored schisms, radiate ultra-audacity of the song, but never over cooks with that vegetable oil mom had recommended. The cooking of this single is as delicious as it is familiar. It is as familiar as it is reminiscent. “Do we have to follow you down that rabbit hole, Tommy??” A nod, says it all. Will do.

Daniel Donato – Sweet Tasting Tennessee

Melancholic single ‘Sweet Tasting Tennessee’ is about coming home again. DANIEL DONATO is a 23 year old artist who keeps his head in reality of the breeze of musical sweetness, which he froths from pure intensions. You can feel this directly in this single, as the veteran of shows from 3 year of touring, the talent of this strummer and songwriting extravagance. Americana, folk, whatever you’d call it, Daniel has it all to call his own and then some. The multi-awarded artist is the one to put your dreams on, as he helps you battle through the injustices of life. The edge is softened when Daniel’s music is on the case. Take note. Take hark.

Forever X2 – God Don’t Want

“This is the most personal Forever X2 song so far,” said Peter Verdell. “It’s about loss. The choruses repeat ‘God don’t want anything from you,’ as a way of me telling my friend ‘god doesn’t need you for anything, so just stay here with me.’ I hate death. I hate that people we love have to leave us.” Deep in the heart of FOREVER X2 is the drive for becoming safe and protected from the wear and tear of the world. Well, we all want that, but with their secret weapon (music), the project hopes to enlighten and devalue the negativities of the world that sits on your shoulders. The heavy bias, cramps your style and getting that burden off, will be a god-send. Peter wants you to know, you are not alone and that your friends will help. And that your friends are here, on earth, right next to your heart.


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