Dan Kilian and The Million Man Band x Billy Burke ‘Wicked Wicked Life’ : If real ‘living’ can be done.

Dan Kilian and The Million Man Band

Dan Kilian eats life as an appetizer. His doctor didn’t recommend this, but he’s gotten into this fetish and he thinks it’s good for his ulcer. It’s the folds of living that has given him this ‘ulcer’ of his gut, which to be frank, isn’t real, but in his heart, it could soon be.

The complexity of life is a double edged sword for Dan. His music, his art, his wonderful cynicism soup that he cooks with joy, depends on such whims of it. But he’s not kin to its unfairness nor its derision. Life scorns and makes fun, but Dan’s still determined to stick it out.

For it’s a double edged sword that must be maintained, if real ‘living’ can be done.

Dan is two thumbs up for that, if you wanna be picky.

Chipping away, and in ‘Wicked Wicked Life’, that build of anxiety, culminates in a brooding but oh-so fun pop that just sings at our hearts.

It’s a banger, if you wan it to be. Does it speak to you?

Dan has three albums under his name, three more with The Ks, and also (with collaborators) wrote and produced three musicals: Waste Fraud and Abuse, Space Chick, and Pigeon With A Vision, and He also has a sketch comedy podcast named Spaghetti Grenades.

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