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Dan Miraldi Shares ‘Woke Up Naked’. YOU, ME, NAKED, FUN.

You want fun? You got it in DAN MIRALDI’s ‘Woke Up Naked’.

You want awesome progression? First verse.

You want to think twice about waking naked in the morning? Don’t. Just do it. It feels good.

Besides, it’s your apartment. Do whatever you want.

The colorful lyrics with folk and country sensibilities in this rock themed single is a fabulous refreshment to your summer-tastic schedule.

It’s back to basics: YOU, ME, NAKED, FUN.

Dan doesn’t look it, but he’s a bad-ass, and you all should look out. He’s an upfront guy from Ohio and doesn’t give a sh*t what you think. He’ll do what he pleases, and describe the fun stuff that goes on in this (and his) fabulous world.

Of course, we think that just Rad.

Wonder if he’s in the area for a live show? Let’s keep up with him, shall we all??

Heck yes.

New EP is on its way and on July 21st, he’ll be at the Mercury Lounge in the big bad NYC.



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