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Dan Moxon // Alice Roosevelt // Tourist // War Twins // SONICONOCLASM

Dan Moxon – The Blue

“This song was written while traveling on a BC ferry and staring out at the ocean,” said Dan Moxon. “It seemed a good metaphor to relate to so many people’s struggles with depression and mental health. It may seem like life is this vast and empty space but underneath it is full of life and wonder.” Dan Moxon is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter pianist who is most well known for fronting the rock band BEND SINISTER. In 2018 Dan decided to record his Debut solo album with help from lots of friends and local musicians. On his debut album: “‘LOUNGE SINGER’ was a collection of half older songs and half new songs that I collected together to form my first solo album. As with most of my songwriting I pulled ideas and themes somewhat stream of consciousness style from my own experiences without ever trying to reference anything specific.” Dan is a one of kind, where mixing genres to express his emotions, the songs flow and waver, with delight and warm consternation. See Dan next @ The Wise Hall, in Vancouver, on October 24th.

Alice Roosevelt – Lobster

Like an attack from the land, the mix of U2 and David Bowie vibes comes at you with terrifyingly fabulous fun in Alice Roosevelt’s single ‘Lobster’. The Swiss rock/shoegaze act Alice Roosevelt’s first single off of their upcoming record ‘Hammam’ is something about a ‘lobster’ that ‘claws’ itself to an emotional detriment, then still lives like a ‘lobster’. But is it?? Is that what Alice Roosevelt deems this song to be? Nope. It’s deeper and wider than you’d thought. Or is it?? The fantastic quirkiness of the band is evident and by the looks of it we’re a bit ‘quirked-out’ as well. It’s apparent that the fabulous effervescence is where the band thinks you should focus, and they’re right on it. The danceable cuteness ‘Lobster’ is a song that your whole family can love. Even your pet lobster.

Tourist – Kin

‘Kin’ is another expansive display of Tourist’s deft production; beginning with emotive piano chords and sultry bottom beats. Last week, he announced his American co-headline tour with Matthew Dear; the perfect touring partners will go head through 10 different cities starting on the East coast in Boston at 12.5, including Chicago, Denver, Austin, Portland and Seattle and ends on the West coast in Los Angeles on December 21st. Tourist on his upcoming album ‘Wild’: “With this new album Wild I wanted to fully embrace my instinctual tendencies as a musician. I’ve tried to set aside my self doubts and share as much music as possible this year, there have been moments when I’ve been far more secretive of my output but it’s been incredibly liberating to keep my fans in the loop in a way that I’ve never done previously.” Love it. See Tourist next October 16th in Paris, FR @ Hasard Ludique.

War Twins – Right or Wrong

“We were attending protests in Las Vegas, we were rocking out in New York clubs,” say War Twins on the new video. “There’s also some behind the scenes shots of recording the album at Sylvia Massy’s (Prince, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers) beautiful studio in Oregon. “The video reflects a lot of the lyrical themes in ‘American Kids’ in its satire and commentary, but also in the tongue-in-cheek humor poking at ourselves as much as anything else.” Gaetana and James make up War Twins. And when the conscientious lyrics meet the thrust of hard rock vocal attentions of Gaetana, planets collide. Founded in 2013, War Twins lived to tell the tale having built a bed in the back of their ‘98 Plymouth Voyager and promoted their first demo on an 80-city tour. The years since have seen them rack up more than 500 stage performances, opening for International acts like Wolf Alice, Alien Ant Farm, and Filter, with a bevy of their own moments on festival stages for SXSW, Catskill Chill, Slingshot, and more. Word.


SONICONOCLASM is a Berlin based experimental hip hop / electronica band. They follow a path that has been laid out in the respective work of its creators as artists and producers: eerie loops and found footage samples, cinematic soundscapes, lo-fi sound fragments, cut up lyrics and hook-lines are all blended together into a dark, broken, glitched, detuned version of a hit record with epic dimensions. The colors of the rainbow are not the subject of this project. It is the incoming planet that will collide with the existential memes of your deepest believed hearts that will be torn apart. And in the grind of asunder, you’ll rise with the notion of SONICONOCLASM, and thrive. Will you make it happen? Sebastian M. Purfürst, and Markus F.C. Buhl, make up this beautifully intrinsically visceral offering.


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