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Tuarrah // Meresha // DEGA // Elijah Mann // Dan Olsen

Tuarrah – Almost Invisible

Tuarrah is an artist from Brooklyn that tells stories through music, art and design. They draw just as much influence from James Whistler and John Singer Sargent as they do from Radiohead and D’Angelo. Small talk at large gatherings can be tough, but once in a while we meet a stranger who is unafraid to tell a vulnerable story. Such a person is at the heart of ‘Almost Invisible’, the second single from the record. The Brooklyn based band of talent and energies, is headed by Charles and Christopher. And with the crew, spearheaded by the joyfully melancholic vocals of Julia. From the coaxing strings to the gently marching fragrance of each instrument, instant satisfaction in this wave of absences curt in gestures and salutary glances. Comprised of Charles Van Kirk (drums, production), Christopher Marion (strings), Julia Easterlin (vocals), Christian Li (piano), Asher Kurtz (guitar), Spencer Stewart (bass) and tracking engineer Pran Bandi. ‘Lying on Our Backs’, their next project, is slated for a February 2020 release.

Dan Olsen – It Was Only Yesterday

International award winning singer-songwriter and producer Dan Olsen is from the Faroe Islands and based in London. ‘It Was Only Yesterday’ is that beautiful standards pop that delivers all of the right vibes you’d wanted on a chilly night of thoughts and personal reflection. He produced a couple of tracks with Steven A Williams (Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison) which have now gained millions of plays across various streaming platforms. He produces his own songs now and has toured China (three times), New York, Russia and South Africa, won an international songwriting competition, has songs placed in various films, signed a publishing deal with Peer Music and has co-written with Grammy, Ivor and Brit award winning songwriters including Linda Perry, Pam Sheyne, Chris Neil and Sonique. Lovely vocals push you forward and delivers with a tangy aftertaste. Love it, so that you can love. See Dan next @ The Ned London, November 18th.

Meresha – Is This Love

Meresha is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer with a deep, wide-ranging soulful voice and a quirky sonic vision. Stated Meresha: “No one said supporting men’s health had to be boring. Right? Hope you enjoy, and maybe dance a little. Bob Marley died too soon at 36. Released together with international charity Movember.” Movember supports men’s health and helps fund over 1,200 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention. We’d said of Meresha: “A little pinch of [her] is like having the galaxy within the palm of your hand. A little bit of her unique pronunciations in musical progressions, goes a long way.” The artist with a voice that just extends into new dimensions, says that she’s an alien, moving through Universes and making cool things happen (at least that’s our interpretation). And as we get to hear more from this talented artist, we are more inclined to believe that as fact. Hey. Why not. At least with Meresha, we get some succulent music, dynamic and niche. Better then just plain ol’ grays, right?

DEGA – Already Know

Veteran musicians Aslyn and Kalen Nash were well into their own solo careers prior to meeting and falling in love. The husband-and-wife team met around 2008 and married in 2011, but were so busy with their own projects they hadn’t really considered making music together. “I remember a phone call when I was out with Kesha and Kalen was on tour with Ponderosa,” recalled Aslyn. “We were a country apart and hadn’t seen each other in months. I told him that we needed to start collaborating so, at the very least, we could see each other more often.” So they formed DEGA. “The merging of our ideas created something very different from what either one of us was doing on our own,” Kalen said. “So it was kind of like creating a whole new identity. Not to mention that my wife is badass who can just play anything that you would ever want or imagine on keys.” Infatuation is the key with their music. The sophisticated algorithms of our daily lives, have nothing on the organic and beautiful, r&b/soul vibin’ grooves of DEGA. A reaching out for the climactic institution of the heart – cheering for all of us to take part – sends shivers of nodding acclaim for ‘Already Know’. A universal acceptance, to be sure. DEGA’s journey still continues. We’re glad for that.

Elijah Mann – High Anxiety

Brooklyn based Elijah Mann brings follows up his debut EP, ‘To Fall Apart’, with his latest EP ‘The Flooding Season’. From that single ‘High Anxiety’ is offered, and it charms. Thrusting chords, compound with pop attentions – deluded in the folds of space and time. A cinematic and theatrical offering, the riddled acceleration, delivers the listener into the world that is of Elijah. From here to the ends of another city, the personal anxiety of survival – of doing the best you can – is communicated clearly through this panic of words and sonic angst. What is this world come to? Where will your soul belong to in this new world? Will it exist, after it’s been ground to nothing? Elijah’s songs are heady and weighted, which represents the angle that he takes from his own personal life. Thought out and constructed, as he’d likes them to be, the songs surge with the descriptive story telling that becomes compelling, dire, and exudes a distinct mannerism of vibes.


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