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Dan Rico Shares ‘No Means No’. Incantation In Lost Loves Or Steps.

Listen to DAN RICO and you first realize his talent for lyrics. In this single ‘No Means No’, his words are delicately presented, tells a complete story, and communicates that ‘soul-wrenching’ heart-ache ‘feels’ that we just dig, so.

The drizzling of emotions and meaningful articulations, make this song a ‘lecture’ of another level. It’s a ‘lecture’ from that college class that you love to go to. It’s a ‘lecture’ from the girl you have a crush on, and want to kiss her so bad. It’s a ‘lecture’ from the inner upbringing, you know you can’t resist, but part ways for a bit, then immediately grieve that you’re ‘all alone’.

It’s a fabulous song.

The Chicago based artist puts many genres together into his construction of songs. He wants to ‘save’ the current music trend and save itself from its own ‘weight’.

A noble cause, we say.

His latest offering



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