Dan Rico ‘Touch and Go’ : Sing songy, un-sung heroism. Cooked, al dente.

Dan Rico

Sing songy, un-sung heroism is where Dan Rico’s diabolically downtrodden vibes come from. But it’s all about the charm and relatable atmospheres that we all go through ourselves. It’s a moment for moment sake, never crumbling, but always re-examining our situation. New emotions, with new ideals for life.

“This is the first single from an upcoming album I recorded during quarantine called ‘Slow Real’,” said Dan Rico. “It’s equally influenced by 70’s powerpop and modern bedroom pop artists. The album is a stripped down, raw expression of these singularly solitary times where as a culture we are face to face with ourselves. With out newfound homebody-ness have to get really get back to basics and explore the essential in our lives, whether it’s a home cooked meal or a phone call with an estranged relative.”

Dan Rico is a songwriter, musician, and producer currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. He’s released a number of songs and albums including ‘Endless Love’ (2016), ‘Flesh and Bone’ (2017), ‘Dreamy’ (2018), and ‘Basement Pop’ (2019).


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