Dan Sartain ‘The Return of Ringo’ : Mythic proportions. Legendary anthems.

Dan Sartain

Cowboys and Indians clashed in every five and dime. From the big to the small screen (and every screen in between) the western cowboy was deified, glorified, and embellished. Inaccurate as these depictions of America’s 1800s were, their music grew to mythic proportions.

‘Western Hills’ (out now) is an album that celebrates this ubiquitous cultural phenomenon. Something about the American southwest in the 1800’s captures the imagination of young and old alike. Real-life violence of life on the range gave way to square-jawed men in Stetsons and Wranglers, where good guys were good… and bad guys were punished. Men like Geronimo and Kit Carson were sidelined for the more palatable Rowdy Yates and Pecos Bill.

Allow Dan to be your scout through a land of nostalgia and let ‘Western Hills’ be THE soundtrack to your ride though the old west on a trail that doesn’t extend beyond your own living room stereo.


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